The inception of The Rock School bears the imprint of the illustrious guitarist, Faraz Anwar, a luminary in the realm of rock music. Anwar's vision is to extend the reach of rock guitar education globally, transcending geographical boundaries through the seamless medium of online instruction. The mission is to impart a profound understanding of rock music to enthusiasts worldwide, fostering the development of skilled musicians.

At the heart of Anwar's educational endeavor is an innovative approach to online learning. Private lessons, facilitated through video messaging, have been meticulously designed to surmount the challenges commonly associated with virtual instruction. This ensures a streamlined and efficient learning experience, free from scheduling conflicts, connectivity issues, time constraints, and undue performance pressures.

Elevate your musical proficiency to unprecedented heights through exclusive online sessions personally conducted by Faraz Anwar. As an instructor, Anwar is dedicated to cultivating the talents of aspiring rock guitarists, offering comprehensive guidance in techniques ranging from speed picking and sweep picking to arpeggios and music theory.

The Rock School provides a singular opportunity to engage with the art of rock guitar under the mentorship of an industry virtuoso. It is an invitation to break free from the constraints of time and geography, enabling students to learn at their own pace and on their own terms. Anwar's instruction is tailored to accommodate individuals at all skill levels, whether beginners or those seeking to refine existing expertise.

For those poised to embark on this transformative musical journey, the monthly fee for these exclusive lessons is $100 USD. Classes, scheduled weekly, offer flexibility, taking place on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. To seize this opportunity and commence your musical odyssey, please contact Faraz Anwar on WhatsApp for further details. The guitar awaits; take the inaugural step toward becoming an extraordinary rock guitarist today.