In the realm of artist development, a facet often regrettably overlooked, I invest meticulous attention to ensure a holistic and refined approach. Collaborating with artists, my primary focus is on discerning the unique sound and emotion encapsulating their musical identity. Defining this identity becomes a cornerstone, guiding our efforts to craft a distinct and resonant artistic expression.

Beyond artistic exploration, the trajectory of releasing, promoting, and marketing music is a pivotal aspect of our journey. Recognizing its significance, I provide comprehensive guidance on critical components such as distribution channels, digital marketing strategies, Spotify playlisting, and a nuanced approach to social media. This multifaceted strategy is instrumental in navigating the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

As a seasoned multi-instrumentalist and singer, I bring a wealth of experience to the creative process. Operating seamlessly across a broad spectrum of genres, I effortlessly weave together diverse influences, ensuring a distinctive and captivating sonic tapestry. Additionally, I serve as a proficient vocal producer, adept at guiding singers to deliver their optimal performances, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the music.

The process is streamlined and artist-friendly. Simply submit your melody in wave format with a metronome, and rest assured, I will handle the intricacies of the production. From arrangement to instrumentation, my commitment is to make your song not only meet industry standards but to truly shine in the competitive music landscape.

In an era where possibilities in music are vast and varied, I am dedicated to propelling your musical vision to new heights. It is indeed an exciting time to be creating music, and I am enthusiastic about contributing to the realization of your artistic aspirations. Let us embark on this collaborative journey to elevate your music and make a lasting impact in the industry.

Services I offer.


Song production.






Composition & song arrangement.



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Standard Packages

1.Guitars -200$ usd. 

(Complete song guitars.(Rythm Guitars,Solo in HD Quality). 


2.Song -600$ usd.

(Complete song (Arrangement, Sequencing,Keys,Drums,Guitars,

Mixing & Mastering).


 3.mixing & mastering -210$ usd

(Complete Song Mixing & Mastering). 


Custom Packages are also available contact here:


1.Complete song guitars.(Rythm Guitars,Solo in HD Quality).


Custom Packages are also available contact here:

Watsaap & cell no-00923002182096